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  • Athletes


    Buy a fraction of your favorite athlete's pass, image rights or profits.

  • Digital

    Digital Debs

    Participate in the crowdfunding so that your favorite organization can buy that athlete or set up the so dreamed stadium and profit from it.

  • Sports organization

    Sports organizations

    Buy shares of organizations listed on the worldwide stock exchanges or a fraction of your favorite organization on USD Sports so you can call it yours.

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Build your team and win prizes in usd sports during the traders championship

Buy and sell fantasy tokens of your favorite athletes and teams as stocks in the stock market.
  • Offer


    Buy and sell fantasy tokens of your favorite athletes and teams as stocks in the stock market.

  • Exchange


    Trade player tokens in real time with other users. Prices are determined by the user's trading activity.

  • Earn


    Exchange your tokens for USD Sports or win USD Sports by participating in the Traders Championships. The portfolio with the highest result will win.

About our currency

USD Sports is a utility token created as an exclusive currency to operate on the USD Sports platform, our proprietary Exchange for trading sports tokens. USD Sports is developed using PoS (Proof of Stake) technology, one of the most significant elements of contemporary blockchain architecture. This technology provides not only efficiency and energy savings, it is also profitable for all those who collaborate with the network.

Current unit value / 1 USDSP

* The value for the creation of
1 Masternode is 500 USDSP

lights coin lines

Coin info

  • PoW Phase Period

    untill first 250 Blocks

  • PoS Phase Period

    after 250 Blocks(First PoS Block is 251)

  • Block Size

    2 MB

  • Block Time:

    120 Sec

  • Coin Emission Rate:

    Max. 5 USDSP per block, 4.5 for Masternode & 0.5 for Staker

  • Coin Supply Control

    All Transaction Fees are brunt from coin supply

  • PoS Stake Eligibility

    Min. Input Age: 60 Blocks

  • Reward Maturity Confirms

    61 Block

  • Transaction Send Eligibility

    Min 6 Confirmation

  • SwiftX Eligibility

    1 Confirm for locking and 6 confirm for Spend.
    Collateral held for 15 Block

  • Max. Single Spent limit

    84,000,000 USDSP

Trustworthy platform

Your data’s security and your tokens are a serious matter for us

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    Open your account in a simple way and validate your documents to be able to trade right now

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    Deposit USD

    Deposit USDSP to buy tokens of your favorite athletes and clubs

  • tokens

    Trade your

    Buy both athletes and club tokens to trade intuitively on our Exchange

  • profit

    your profit

    Convert your tokens to USDSP and send to an Exchange partner to exchange for fiat currency

We are the #1 global platform for sports investing

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